The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords
NBTHK Tokyo Metropolitan Branch

◆Guidance for Membership◆

Japan Art Sword Conservation Association is a foundation that consists of its head office, which was established inside the building of the Sword Museum, and local branches. Tokyo Metropolitan Branch is composed of members who live or work in Tokyo.

Main Activities and Services

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Branch
    • Sword study meetings including lectures for beginners are held four times a year.
  • Membership
    • NBTHK Membership : 12,000 yen (19,200 yen for oversea members) per year plus 1,000 yen enrollment fee (first year only)
    • Metropolitan Branch Membership : 6,000 yen per year
  • Remarks
  • NBTHK members belonging to other branches can also participate in our sword study meeting with a participation fee of 2000 yen.

  • Inquiry
  • Please contact with us if you are interested in Tokyo branch.
  • Joining Tokyo branch is after becoming the member of NBTHK JAPAN.
  • To join NBTHK JAPAN membership, please contact with NBTHK Head Office

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